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Supporting you to build a stronger, more profitable, and happier business

Corgi’s mission is to create a community of companies that leads in the provision of safe and trusted services to the heating, plumbing, and renewable industry.

Meet the newest member of the Corgi family, the Corgi Business Community, powered by  Construction Coach.

Welcome to a revolutionary way of building your business

We provide tools, expertise, and mentoring to help build the business you want and give you the lifestyle you choose.  You will also get an online space for Small Business Owners and Sole Traders in the Plumbing, Heating, and Home Improvement sectors to support each other to build stronger, more profitable, and happier businesses.  

What do you mean, support each other?  
Sole means solo, right?  We are in competition, we don’t collaborate, do we?!

Wouldn’t it be great if we could collaborate and find out how others are dealing with the same issues you’re facing now?  If we can solve challenges together, we can create an industry to be proud of and attract the next generation.

In fact, according to research, did you know that being in a group with fellow business owners and supporting each other enables businesses to grow by two to three times their normal levels?

Remember, just like humans, businesses have their own, unique DNA and we will help you identify what it is and what makes you stand out from others.  Then you can charge what you’re worth rather than being caught up in a ‘race to the bottom' on cost.

Shake off that lack mentality, there is enough work out there for all of you and there are stacks of opportunities to be ahead of the curve in the renewables market.

If you’re not getting help, support, or mentoring to grow, you only know one way and are limiting yourself and your business growth by staying in your silo.

Community Benefits

Just imagine, in 12 months, after joining this community, this is you:

✅  You’re clear on where your business is going and it’s giving you the lifestyle you want

✨ You have the mindset and motivation to achieve your goals and help others achieve theirs

🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏻 You are attracting the right clients and people to work with you

💰 Your clients are paying you what you’re worth

💵 You are no longer leaking profit

🐝 You know where you’re at risk in your business and you have systems and processes in place to manage these risks

🏛️ You have the right structure and processes in place to operate efficiently and effectively

😀 You appreciate the value being in a community of fellow business owners brings to your business

How would that feel?

“It would be a bloody miracle”, you might be thinking?!  Miracles do happen, Nottingham Forest recently got promoted to the Premier League, didn’t they?!

The golden thread that runs through everything is mindset and motivation, which is the core of this community.  As an industry we have spent years doing what we’ve always done, working in silos, afraid of the competition.  It’s time for a new way of thinking and working.

Here’s how it works:

You immediately download the Mighty Networks App and have a Facebook-style platform where you can post questions, comment, and interact with fellow business owners.

Each month there is a theme we work on to make a massive difference to your mindset, business and profits, e.g. Pricing for Profit, Winning Work, Getting the Right People.

We have a monthly 1hr masterclass with a guest expert to learn tools and techniques to apply to your business

We have weekly 1hr mentoring to work on your business and learn from other business owners

The Power of Community

Here at Construction Coach, we’ve seen the power of community.  One of our clients who works in the domestic market took 12 months of trial and error to implement new technology into his business.  It was painful.  In a 10-minute phone call, sharing his knowledge saved another client from having to go through that experience.

Another client, a Tier 1 Sub-Contractor, as a result of a conversation in an online group call with fellow business owners decided to change his business model.  He is taking back control of the type of clients he wants to work for, so he isn’t always in the position where he’s being asked to cut costs to win work.

Imagine how this help and support from fellow business owners could impact you and your business?

Meet Your Host

I’m Maria Coulter an award-winning Business Coach, Non-Executive Director, and Founder of Construction Coach and the Corgi Business Community.

Before I became a Business Coach I worked as a Quantity Surveyor, Project Manager, and Risk Manager.  I’ve worked on projects ranging from houses up to massive projects like the World Cargo Centre at Heathrow Airport. 

I know just how challenging the industry can be, intensified with the last recession.  So much fear, bad behavior, and negativity, it’s just not healthy for your mind or your business which is why I became a Coach, to do something about it.

Over the last 7 years, I’ve worked with over 70 business owners like you, saving thousands and increasing profit margins.   I’ve also seen that you all have similar challenges and I’ve noticed that you want to talk to other business owners about how they’ve overcome their challenges.  That is the power of community.

My ethos is all about The Construction Revolution.  Moving away from the ‘race to the bottom on cost and supporting business owners to build stronger, more profitable, and happier businesses. 

Over the years I have become a champion for small businesses and I talk about them constantly in the working groups I’m on for the Construction Leadership Council and the Construction Industry Council.

Don’t just take my word for it, my work has been recognized and I was on the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 2019 and awarded the British Empire Medal for services to the industry.

By joining this community you are saying yes to change and we look forward to welcoming you through doors to get started.

“You introduced me to your Construction Revolution, and I am so glad that I took you up on the offer.  The advice and support from yourself and other members of the group have been beneficial to the growth of my business and I have already gained clients and was able to ‘seal the deal’ as a result of the information and advice gained from joining.”

Nicola Tomlinson, Director of NICS

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